Hot Foiling

This is the process of printing in black ink, placing heat activated foil over the print, running it through a machine. The result is that the foil adheres to the black toner and you have a beautiful and unique print.
Some prints may have little imperfections which adds character

3D frames/Shadow boxes

Wooden frames to hold precious memories for special occasions. Vinyl decals with prints and trinkets.

Glass Glitter Holders

Plain glasses transformed into pretty holders. The inside is filled with glitter and sealed in while the outside is decorated with Vinyl decals depicting quirky sayings while making a statement. These Holders come in handy to house makeup Brushes, Pens and whatever odds and ends you may have on your dresser or desk and they look gorgeous to.

Glass Etching

Glass Etching is the process of designing and cutting out a stencil which you apply to see through glass. Applying an acid based cream to the glass and then rinsing off.The design is permanent and will not wash out.

Printed Mugs

Mugs are the most practicle gift to give. We supply companies and individuals, teachers, doctors,kids, mums, finatics, etc

Vinyl Printed T shirts

Heat transfer vinyl is a cutout of vinyl activated by a heat press & embedded into the fabric of garments and bags.

Decoupage Boxes

Wooden boxes painted to clients specifications and designed with clients input.